Measures to be Taken before a Demolition Process

Are you thinking about home knocking down and want to rebuild a new home; you need a proper planning and a few steps required. However, You can’t move forward with tearing down walls without putting a few things into place.

Although they would complete the whole demolition process very quickly in ending up within a day or two doesn’t mean that you can’t say there is no more background work left. Initially take a look at this checklist before you even organize the skip hire ready to haul away the building waste materials.

Permits and Documents:

Firstly, you need a planning permit before any building plan you may discover. Check and discuss with your council and apply for DA if necessary. You must need a building permit always for undertaking any form of construction work. Even in the demolition process, you need to have your building permit in place before anything begins.

Why needed because, getting a building permit will obviously cover the all demolition permissions. After DA approval only the building permit will be issued. It may take a fortnight to receive the final building permit after getting all of the other paperwork in place.

You need to gather some documents to apply for a building permit. The type of the documents will vary, depending on which state you are in, but you may need things like title to the property and a site plan of the existing building. At last what you have to apply is only for a tree removal permit. Whatever the reasons before you start building removing trees from the land is needed, and then you must obtain the permit from your local council.

Abolishment Services:

When the permit is in your hands, then you are getting close to the building and that’s also time to organize cutting services. It is nothing but called as abolishment of services and a different way to simply having the service disconnected. That means you got a complete removal service such as servicing and metering assets to the property.

Fencing Required:

Before the demolition begins usually organizing a temporary fencing is up to the owner of the property. Moreover, it is necessary and should remain in place until the entire building has finished. Because you may need to secure your neighbor site as your own.Before any of the demolition contractors you are commencing for the work you’ll need to know that company is ready to erect this fence installation or not.


If you think to reuse the asbestos in the existing that is being demolished from previously. You will need to proceed with some caution before you begin the removal process, you must require giving the council notice.

Don’t Forget to Check in Below The Surface:

If any excavation works you require in demolition or construction, you can call the experts for digging process to aware if there any underground pipes or cables on your land. The team will also help you by giving information and advice about how to work safely around cables and pipes.

Look all these measures you need to take before house demolition process at a glance and get the demolition services accurately.

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