Important Tips to be Remembered and Followed During Demolition Process

House Demolition process is the most risky and tough job to accomplish as it requires lot and lots of man power, advanced machinery and many other safety measures to be taken.

A demolition company must be very careful about both the employee safety and environmental safety. The demolition firms must make sure to follow all the EPA standards to provide the environmentally safe deconstruction and also the hazardous materials should be removed safely before starting the demolition service.

There are some tips to follow in order to provide the professional demolition services and they include:

1.Limited Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals

There are some chemicals and hazardous materials like the asbestos, lead and other hazardous materials in the home construction. The older houses are more prone to have the asbestos content when compared to the new houses and all the residential contractors appointed to bring the older home down. The various hazardous materials that can be found are as follows:

• Synthetic mineral Fibers: These are made from the ceramic, fiberglass and rock wool and cause various problems like irritation to eyes, nose and throat and may also cause lung cancer.
• Wood Dust Containing Formaldehyde: The formaldehyde in wood dust may get stuck in the nasal passages which may also cause the Nasal cancer.
• Lead Paint:  Lead is a very hazardous chemical that may lead to death in some cases. So every employee working with lead should be provided with respirators, protective clothing, and hand washing stations.

2. Fall Protection

Every demolition company must make sure to provide the full body restraints as the demolition business is tearing things up and creating holes. When you are working around any hole, open wall or any open roof that is at least 6 feet above. Not only the demolition phase, the construction phase should also employ the fall protection to ensure the safety of the employee.

3. Recycling of Materials

It is very essential and important to recycle the material form a demolished building and also make sure that all of the employees have the knowledge about the materials that can be recycled and these materials include:

• Concrete: Concrete is the common material that is available in the demolition site. There may be tons and tons of concrete available in the site and this concrete may be crushed into the gravel that is a high demand material that is used for the new constructions. Some of the demolition companies have the crushers which turn the concrete into gravel on the site itself.
• Doors and Beams: The doors and beams which are in good condition can be sold or reused. There are many architectural salvage companies that buy these wooden doors or beams. If the wood is not reusable then you can recycle the wood. In addition to this, toilets and sinks available in the site can also be reused or fitted to the new constructions to ensure that these or if they are not in good condition they will also be recycled.

These are some of the best-known things to follow in the demolition site for a safe and secured demolition.
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