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Are you planning to completely demolish your old house and construct the new one in the same place?

Then, hire our experts at On Spot Demolition as we have many years of experience in providing a complete house demolition services in Melbourne. When you hire us, our experienced demolishers Melbourne comes to your place with fully equipped to remove each and everything, including the footings, trees, stumps and vegetation. We make sure to clear your site completely so that you can start and go with your construction work in Melbourne. We minimize house demolition cost in Melbourne within your budget. We are also equipped and has experienced demolishers Melbourne in providing the excavation work which changes the level of the basement and prepare your basement such that it is ready for the next phase of your building construction project. We are proud that our house demolition costs are unbeatable in Melbourne, as you cannot get these house demolition services for these prices in Melbourne.


OnSpot Demolition team has professional demolishers Melbourne in providing the excavation process. In this process we use the latest and cutting edge equipment to accomplish the excavation job right, on time within budget. We offer effective house demolition services in Melbourne for best cost. Our wide range of excavation services includes:

  • Bulk excavations
  • Hand excavations
  • Detailed excavations
  • Pool excavations
  • Rock sawing

Site Cleanup

We are specialized and experienced in providing the complete site clean up service. We have all the equipment needed to complete clean the site and make it ready for the next construction project. Our full cleanup service includes hazardous waste removal and preparing the best waste disposal management plans. We provide all these services according to the Environmental Protection Authority regulations so that you will not face any type of problems in the future.

Asbestos Removal

OnSpot Demolition is the licensed company that has many years of experience in providing the safety and environment friendly asbestos removal service for the buildings constructed or renovated between the years 1940’s to 1980’s. Our team of demolishers Melbourne will identify the presence of asbestos and then take the necessary steps to remove the asbestos immediately before commencing the demolition works. We also offer house demolition services at a budget friendly cost in Melbourne.


Before commencing the house demolition services Melbourne, make sure to get a demolition permit from the government. Our dedicated demolishers Melbourne advice what’s required for your demolition project and also take care in getting the required permits.

Safety Measures

We are very keen in following all the safety measure while providing the house demolition services Melbourne and we are proud that our house demolition cost are unbeatable in Melbourne are at economical prices. All our demolishers in Melbourne are fully licensed and we make sure that you are happy with the final product as well. We ensure that all the house demolition services Melbourne is done under the supervision of the safety engineer only and all our employees are completely covered during the demolition process.

We provide the following products like goggles, hard hats, masks and steel-toed boots.

Why On Spot Demolition for House Demolition?

On Spot Demolition Company has many years of expertise in dealing with the house demolition services in Melbourne. The team is fully experienced and capable of demolishers Melbourne, are determined in providing the high end services for house demolition services at low cost in Melbourne. We completely tear down the houses and also make sure to clean the site completely to make it ready for the next level of house construction to start. So, for all your house demolition, excavation and asbestos removal needs, call us at 0416 610 105 or email us at


The house demolition cost in Melbourne can vary depending on several factors, including the size of the house, the type of construction, and the location of the property. To know more about demolition costs, call us on 0416 610 105 or email us at

The time taken to complete demolition is estimated on the size of the property and the location. To get an exact idea for your project, you can contact our team.

Yes, you need a permit to demolish a house in most jurisdictions. Our team at On Spot Demolition can help you with the consent formalities.

For house demolition, you need to obtain a permit. Our team can help you with the entire process.

Air, water, and soil pollution due to house demolition can have a significant impact on the environment. So, before undertaking any project, we need to take these things into account.

Yes, it is possible to salvage materials like lumber, flooring, brick and stone, etc. from the home before demolition.

Yes, we can arrange for waste disposal after house demolition. We can handle a wide range of demolition waste, including wood, metal, concrete, etc.

To initiate the process of house demolition with our services, you can call us on 0416 610 105 or email us at

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We make sure that the site is clear without any debris after the demolition is done. Our team uses the latest and sophisticated tools for demolition and excavation process in Melbourne.

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