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When it comes to construction, concrete removals play a pivotal role. Removing concrete is necessary to create a clean and open space for other activities. It gets rid of obstacles and makes room for new construction or renovation projects. However, concrete removal requires experts and must follow strict safety rules at all times.

Construction standards are high, especially in a city like Melbourne, where professionals must ensure the job is done properly. On Spot Demolition is one of the top concrete removal companies specialising in responsible demolition and removal services in Melbourne. Our team of experts take pride in finishing projects on time and within budget. They are trained to provide comprehensive solutions, from demolition to clearing away excess debris.

What is concrete removal?

Concrete removal is the process of taking away concrete debris to make space. It involves getting rid of old concrete carefully and systematically. This is done to ensure a clean and clear area for construction or renovation projects.

What is Included in Our Concrete Removal Services?

Our expertise extends to both commercial and residential concrete removal projects. We excel in demolishing concrete structures with minimal disruption. As such, we provide concrete removal services In Melbourne that cover a range of tasks, including:

  • Concrete Sawing: Our experts use precision cutting techniques to shape and size concrete according to specific requirements. This helps you achieve the desired outcome for your project.

  • Concrete Drilling: We specialise in creating holes on concrete surfaces using advanced drilling equipment. Whether it is for installing fixtures or wiring, concrete drilling ensures inch-perfect accuracy.

  • Concrete Grinding: Smoothing and levelling concrete surfaces to provide a polished finish is something we are experts at. This process improves aesthetics while ensuring a safe and even surface for further construction.

  • Concrete Demolition: Our core service involves the careful and systematic removal of unwanted concrete structures. This step is crucial in creating a clean slate for your project. Our team practises responsible and environmentally friendly processes, including concrete rubbish removal and concrete waste removal.

Our Easy Concrete Removal Process

We guarantee a hassle-free experience for all clients. Our team caters to both small-scale projects as well as larger concrete demolition tasks with equal efficiency. Here is a brief overview of how we work:

  • Clearing the Area: Before diving into the concrete removal task, our team clears the work area of any clutter. This ensures a clean space for efficient and safe removal.

  • Gathering Essential Tools: Once the site is prepared, our team gathers the necessary tools for the job. These may include electric circular saws, sledgehammers, jackhammers, pry bars, shovels, bolt cutters and demolition saws.

  • Prioritising Safety: We prioritise safety by donning the necessary protective gear. This includes disconnecting electricity, gas and water, checking for asbestos, and performing structural tests, especially on support beams. Our professionals prioritise protective equipment and appropriate clothing to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

  • Executing Concrete Breaking: Our team begins the concrete removals by breaking the concrete into smaller, manageable pieces. If the debris contains steel reinforcements, an angle grinder is used to cut through the metal.

  • Thorough Clean-Up: Once the demolition is done, we ensure the safe removal of excess concrete. It leaves your space ready for the next construction phase. We ensure proper disposal of concrete and sweep up any dust from the yard or worksite.

Why Choose On Spot Demolition for Concrete Removal in Melbourne?

When it comes to concrete demolition, On Spot Demolition is your reliable choice. We are a licensed company, known for providing concrete demolition and removal services in Melbourne. Our team has a reputation for timely services and fair prices. This is why we stand out:

  • Experienced Team: Our team consists of skilled experts who are experienced in handling a variety of demolition projects.

  • Safety First: Our team of experts adhere to the highest safety standards. We prioritise the well-being of our workers and the safety of all present in the process.

  • Careful Planning: We adopt a careful and pre-planned approach. Before beginning the process, we conduct thorough inspections to ensure a smooth process.

  • High Standards: Despite our affordable prices, we consistently exceed market standards when it comes to work quality.

  • Comprehensive Services: Apart from concrete removal, we offer a range of related services. This includes clean fill supply, initial site grading, waste compaction, utility trenching and more.

  • Environmental Responsibility: All our services are environmentally friendly. We sustainably dispose of our waste as we are committed to keeping the surroundings safe.

  • Transparent Quotes: We believe in transparency. That is why we provide clear and upfront quotes for all our services.

As a trusted concrete demolition company in Melbourne, On Spot Demolition employs advanced techniques to ensure a swift and precise removal process. For more information about our services, you can call us on 0416 610 105 or email us at We are your trusted partner for professional concrete removal services in Melbourne.

Concrete removal is necessary when you want to get rid of old or damaged concrete structures. We offer demolition and removal services for both residential as well as commercial services.
We can remove various concrete structures, including driveways, foundations, walkways, and slabs. Whether it’s a larger construction site or a small area, our team is here to help with your demolition project.

From small-scale demolitions to larger and more complex ones, we handle projects of all sizes. Our team ensures efficient and precise concrete removal, regardless of the project’s scale.

Yes, you can get a consultation or request a quote by filling up our form online. Our experts will reach out to you to understand the scope of residential concrete removal projects.

We use the latest equipment and expert techniques for concrete waste recycling. Our process ensures the safe removal of toxic materials from demolished sites. We prioritise responsible waste management to reduce the environmental impact of our demolition services.

The cost to remove concrete varies based on the size and complexity of the project. For a specific quote tailored to your needs, get in touch with us. We’ll provide you with a clear and honest understanding of the costs involved.

Yes, our concrete removal services cater to both residential and commercial properties. Whether it’s a home or a business, we have the expertise to handle concrete removal efficiently.

We use advanced equipment such as jackhammers, concrete saws, and other specialised tools to ensure the job is done efficiently and precisely.

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We make sure that the site is clear without any debris after the demolition is done. Our team uses the latest and sophisticated tools for demolition and excavation process in Melbourne.

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